Inspired by Women: A Project by Aiman Azhar

About the Photographer: Aiman Azhar

Born and raised in Subang Jaya, Aiman - the 7th child from a family of 8, had an interest in photography since high school but only managed to begin pursuing his interest in photography more seriously while undergoing his Degree through a core subject in KDU University College.  

Long before, Aiman’s passion had always been to play and travel the globe with his music. Formerly known as the drummer for one of Malaysia’s heavy music act, “I, Revival”, Aiman would take photos of his travels only with his phone. Not long after the band had decided to ‘call it a day’ after writing, traveling and performing for 7 years, he spent a couple of bucks from his savings on a used 35mm Canon A1 & that’s when it grew to a more serious passion for photography. With the help from the internet, he would take the time to read and study on the basics of using a camera. Through University in mid 2017 is when he bought his first Canon DSLR and learned more on photography through a photo class, and since then, he has been practicing photography for 1 year and a half shooting portraits, street/travel and lifestyle.

Having the opportunity to intern with All Is Amazing opened his eyes more towards the business side of photography and with the team around, learned new things.

This project, assigned while working with All Is Amazing was based on the idea of portraying to society that Women have Power in changing and forming the world through their creativity. Each woman photographed came from different backgrounds but with similarities of the same goal in which to inspire others especially younger girls out in the world that they can pursue whatever interest they have and excel with it.

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Amelia Natasha copy.jpg

Amelia Natasha

A kindergarten teacher, a painter, a poet best described colourful and loud. Amelia or Amy for short, aspires to create a safe space for her community, especially to the younger generation as she believes that everyone deserves to feel loved and valued. Her work - (paintings & poems) stems from those whom and what she loves; God, Mother Nature, Music & her Mother(s) with messages of encouragement for people to live their best lives by being themselves.

Amelia believes that there is no end to how much a person can love. To her, everything is a process, she encourages people to trust, be honest and kind with themselves and everything they do will flourish.

I am a story teller and I tell the stories of my mother(s) because I feel, every woman can relate to their story and they were healers— so I’m hoping if anything, it can help heal people or just let them feel seen.”

 Instagram: @amelianatasha_ 


Dhan Illiani

Known as “The Bucket Hat Girl”, Dhan is a young visual creative that expresses her work through her art pieces and eccentric fashion. Being able to express herself freely in her own creative way is what drives Dhan to pursue her creative agenda. Claimed to be a “chronic day dreamer” that has her own imaginary land called “Niyaland”, it gives her countless possibilities / ideas to conceptualize.

To her, art isn’t a job or a tool to influence, rather a medium to understand herself and the reality of her surroundings more. Dhan hopes her work would inspire people to express more, question things, think and strive to understand different truths without judgment.

“Always set to have good intentions in whatever you strive to do or achieve, it takes time and a lot of patience and in the process – Don’t compare your journey with others.”

 Instagram: @dhanilliani | @b.etina

Julia Duclos.jpg

Julia Duclos

Quirky-petite singer-songwriter Julia is one of the many local talents that is making waves in the music industry with her recent release of Further. Despite being the younger sibling to former guitarist of Malaysia’s heavy music act, I, Revival, Julia shines her own path when it comes to growing her name in the music industry. Music has always been a big part of her life since young, as to her, it is an outlet to express herself freely regardless of the good and bad that she’s gone through in her life.

Julia hopes to inspire her followers and listeners to be more accepting, confidence and authentic through her work. Self-love comes first and is the most important aspect of excelling in whatever it is one may do.

“Life is hard, nothing good is ever easy, so love yourself and the people who love you. -- self love is so important these days and I hope we all learn to love ourselves a little better each day together.”

Instagram: @juliaduclos

Spotify: Julia Duclos

Juliana Amida.jpg

Juliana Amida

Juliana or better known through her stage name, Anamida, a multi-talented singer-songwriter and vocal instructor, paved her own way in the music industry with her own creative style of synth-wave music. Coming from a musically oriented family, Anamida began her musical journey young and began teaching psychology in music to both children and adults at 18 years old.

From hardship to self-love, to the obstacles of enduring mental health issues, Anamida’s music stems from her personal experiences, surroundings and her students. Her goal is to raise awareness through her music as she believes that no obstacle a person endures is impossible to overcome as long as they believe in themselves first.

“If you weren’t given the chance to feel pain, how are you expected to grow? So wake up everyday telling yourself that you are stronger -- & make your own destiny.”

Instagram: @anamida

Spotify: Anamida

Lisa Ameera.jpg

Lisa Ameera

Lisa is an adrenaline junky - travel photographer from Kuala Lumpur with a goal to work with National Geographic when the opportunity comes. Photography began as a hobby to her and started taking things seriously only years later. A visual learner, she is easily charmed by the things she sees – and it motivates her to keep going producing her own unique style of work, achieving goals and making a name for herself.

Lisa hopes to invoke emotion through her work and through travel photography, she wants people to be able to see the things she sees whether big or small. Aside from that, she aims to encourage more women to pursue whatever dreams they have and to believe they are capable of doing so. She believes, fear will only hold people back from doing and achieving anything in life.

“Don't wait around, don't procrastinate something you know you want to do. As cliche as it sounds, if other people can do it, you can too.”

Instagram: @lisaameera




Borneo born singer-songwriter, Rozella does not only write and perform her music day in day out, but in fact, contributes her time raising awareness on social issues through a platform called “True Complexion” in which she founded herself. Growing up, Rozella was often bullied and gained unwanted attention due to her birthmark, it affected her intentions to pursue her interest in music at a young age. Not only until a couple of years ago, Rozella finally shared her music and gained the confidence to be more comfortable in her own skin which led to the creation of True Complexion.

To her, True Complexion is all about changing the perception of what “normal” and “beauty” is. She hopes that TC can educate people on how to love and accept yourself and others unconditionally despite the differences that we all have.

“It’s hard being a woman in the entertainment industry because your value is often linked to the way you look. -- I hope (my story) will encourage others to be brave in pursuing their dreams regardless of society’s perception”

Instagram: @rozellamusic / @truecomplexion

Spotify: Rozella

Sharina Shahrin.jpg

Sharina Shahrin

Sharina is an entrepreneur and visual artist currently based in Malaysia whom runs Everyday Studios and Baju by Sharina. With the love of creating and expressing, has made her line of work a natural path for her. She derives her work from art history and the cultural aspect of one community and nation’s history.

Sharina believes that art is an integral part of any country’s development and she wishes to invoke that same love towards her followers and to preserve it for future generations to come.

“Work hard but more importantly work smart. Always put in the time and effort for your craft. -- never forget your intention.”

Instagram: @sharinashahrin_ | @bajubysharina


Sonya Danita.jpg

Sonya Danita

Sonya Danita Charles can be deemed as one of Malaysia’s upcoming models in the fashion industry with her passion and unique style. Through fashion, Sonya can freely express herself with the aim of changing the beauty standards of society or what is deemed to be the standard. She hopes to inspire and help as many people as possible to believe in themselves despite what form of struggle they go through and to never give up. Self-acceptance is the key ingredient to living a happy life and according to Sonya, the moment we all stop trying to fit in society’s standards, we all can lead a positive life.

“Never give up. No matter how many times life kicks us down, we have to get back up and keep striving. Keep doing good and help as many people as possible. Ultimately, always be kind and loving towards yourself too.”

 Instagram: @sonyadanita

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