On-location Fashion Portraits @ DVF KLCC Malaysia

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Last April, we had the utmost pleasure of shooting for the Diane Von Furstenburg Spring18 collection! We finally had the time to sit down and talk about our awesome experience shooting for it! We were engaged to shoot the portraits of the VIPs and attendees at the DVF store in KLCC, and were tasked to take their photos in front of a custom DVF designed backdrop.

It was definitely a first for us, taking the creative lead on producing such a unique photo experience. After getting the design from the creative team at DVF, we dropped by our favourite art supply and printing experts and got them to print the backdrop for us! Instead of printing on the usual glossy side, we got them to print on the backside, which is abit more matte, and won’t give as much reflection, especially when we are using flash! 

Next, was the challenge of setting up a pop up studio in a small space. There will be alot of people coming and going, so we had to keep things compact and not obstructive. Although the challenge, it was a huge honour to shoot with DVF, a world-renowned brand and we were determined to deliver!

So it came the day of the event! We came early to set up and get all the necessary permits for shooting in the store. In terms of lighting, we set up a large LED (Aputure 300d) softbox as a fill in light, and a handheld flash with an octabox as a key light. For camera gear, we used the Canon 5D Mark IV with the Canon 24-70mm f2.8. We found a good location for the backdrop, and we were ready!

Behind the scenes look at our setup for the day!

Behind the scenes look at our setup for the day!

The event started, and the celebrities and VIPs started arriving, all fantastically dressed in DVF. Then, it was up to the collaboration between us as the photographers with our subjects in creating some great images! It was such a fun and inspiring time working with these people, as they were always up to trying different poses, from dancing, jumping, to standing on the DVF chair. They brought their own ideas in as well, which made it even more special! At the same time, we were selecting and editing images at a small workstation by the booth, and printing out the images that we have taken. It was a great keepsake for those that attended the events, as we feel that having a physical print is always better than just a digital one!

On the other side of the store, we also had a video session ongoing, for people to do an audio monologue on what it means to be IN CHARGE, dance around, or both. It was in conjunction with DVFs continuous campaign to promote women #INCHARGE, which we find super inspiring. Check out the video compilation below:

All in all, it was an amazing event and shooting experience, and we would not hesitate to do it again! The key things we learnt was how we had to be creative when working in such a limited space, in terms of photography and videography. We also learnt so much from having to handle the entire creative process, from printing the backdrop, deciding where did everything go during set-up, delivery of photos and more! As always, there is room for improvement, and if we were to do it again, we would use a stronger powered key light, to provide more consistent light and even better images. Overall, we were extremely happy with the experience, so a huge thank you and appreciation to DVF and thank you to Milk PR for trusting us with this amazing project!