We went to photograph Ultra Japan 2016!

Konnichiwa!  Welcome to Ultra Park Japan!

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Ultra Park Japan!

A music festival that cannot be contained, there’s no way to explain the acts that were insane, so have a peek at these pics, that had excitement at the peak, cause it’ll have you shriek or so to speak.

All is Amazing managed to not only cover Ultra Japan 2016 but also, uncover the hidden spectrums of one of the most known EDM events in the world.

Ultra Japan had a unique way in eradicating any possible negative vibes and provided an atmosphere of eternal happiness to those the spectacle of people present.

Even the light downpour during the event left the audience unperturbed as they would rather be drenched in the resonance of the music by DJs such as deadmau5, Kygo, Hardwell, Martin Garrix and so much more.

The 3-day setlist was more than enough to leave the energetic crowd in a psychedelic trance and had them wanting more by the end of it.

Put aside the superb music that people travel long and far for, one would even have the pleasure of encountering characters as unique as a bunch of men in nothing but G-strings. They are surely not ashamed of revealing their butt cheeks as well as their personalities. 

These visuals left out none, In the land of the rising sun, Ultra Japan ain't close to done, till you've read this and want some of that fun.

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